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 The evo experience vision

The environmental, social and economic problems we are experiencing around the planet are a reflection of the high levels of stress that pervades our lives, especially in the workplace. This stress is a big reason for the dysfunction experienced by teams and organizations.

Science has proven that stress, and other negative emotions that affect performance, can be easily alleviated when individuals master their thoughts, energy, and emotions.

Evo Experience delivers the most effective and proven techniques to help team members master their thoughts, energy, and emotions, particularly within team dynamics, so they can show up as the best version of themselves.

By bringing teams and organizations back into harmony, the planet can come back into harmony, enabling everyone to live more fulfilling and joyful lives.

  What our Clients say  

Chip Conley
Lead Strategy, Airbnb

"Evo Experience went above and beyond what they were expected to do and got our Airbnb Open Festival team off on the right foot before the event kicked off."

Beaver Theodosakis
Founder, Prana Yoga & Apparel

"I walked away from an Evo Experience with a profound shift in my awareness that changed the way I do business."

Haider Nazar
Founder & CEO, Achievest

"In 90 minutes, Evo Experience did what Landmark and other personal development training takes days to accomplish. I've never seen anything like it!"

Scott Steele
Partner, EVE Restaurant

"Evo Experience helps people be honest, want to be sincere. It opens the doors, reminds you of the possibilities, puts you in a place where you can achieve. Evo is an experience that people can walk away from and know that something has happened.  They always offer something unique."

Tara Epstein
Owner, Lemongrass Salon & Spa

"The most important thing for me was to get harmony back.  My fear was that the team was so broken that everything would blow up.  Evo Experience is a fun way to explore opportunity for growth, they brought the magic back into our lives. You don’t even realize you’re growing so much, because you’re having so much fun doing it."

Sam Lazarus
Former CEO,

"A lot of organizations have been pitching this for a long time, but Evo Experience actually does it because it's willing to go to the depths of people's character to make the necessary and real changes.”

EVO Experience Services

With Evo Experience you can quickly activate your entire team, perform in-depth team transformations, focus on enhancing specific skills, or implement department- or company-wide programs to cultivate overall employee well-being and happiness.

  • Dental Services
  • reconstructive
  • advanced

Team activation  

Discover what is causing dysfunction within your team and holding it back from performing at its best. Instantly elevate team dynamics and unify groups.

Within just 30 minutes of our time together, you and your team are going to experience an  increase in self-awareness, as well as an enhancement in overall feeling and wellbeing.

Activations can run from a couple of hours to full days.

 In-Depth Team   Transformation 

Obtain a sustained improvement in your team’s communication, trust, engagement, connection and resilience.

It is often extremely difficult for individuals to change behaviors that have been conditioned over time, both within their current teams and from previous life experiences. Our In-Depth Team Transformation delivers ongoing training that helps permanently eliminate unhealthy behaviors and replace them with behaviors conducive to great team performance.
Our training is delivered through a combination of physical and virtual learning experiences designed by a faculty that consists of world-renowned experts in the personal development space.

Team transformations are delivered in 90-day programs.

Skill Enhancement 

Gain a competitive advantage by enhancing your team's information processing and thinking capabilities with techniques designed to activate higher states of consciousness.
The result is achieving “Flow States of awareness” which leads to enhanced collaboration, productivity, efficiency, creativity, and ability to develop powerful strategies.

 Employee Well Being  and Happiness 

Customize a program for your company to reduce employee stress and attrition while also enhancing motivation and engagement.  
This service enables you to be more innovative and impactful when nurturing your teams to perform at a higher level - thereby enhancing your corporate culture. Implement the cutting edge of mind, body and spirit techniques to keep teams functioning at optimal capacity.

  WHY EVO?  

Engaging. Personalized. Measurable.

Personal development is often viewed as uncomfortable or boring. This leads to teams frequently struggling with participant engagement and “doing the work” on a deep level. Our training is extremely engaging because we make it simple, entertaining, fun, and incredibly transformational.

We only work with a handful of clients at a time in order to provide the best service to each organization we work with.

Our approach, and use of cutting edge technology, enables us to measure both collective and individual transformation, exposing a clear ROI.

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